The Blue Angel 1996

When the old University Professor discovers that some of his pupils often sneak into a speakeasy, The Blue Angel, to visit a dancer, Lola, he comes there to confront them. But instead he is attracted to Lola. He returns the next night to The Blue Angel to spend time with Lola and stays overnight. This causes problems at his work and his life takes a steep downward spiral.

Song of Kagoshima 1962

Yumemi, the president of Shirayuri Tours, visits Kagoshima in an attempt to save the contract with Satsuma Inn. After learning about the abrupt cancellation of the contract with the family-run Satsuma Inn in Kagoshima, Yumemi, launches her own investigation into the matter. Amidst her efforts to resume her company’s contract with the inn, Yumemi finds herself personally involved in the inn’s family affairs and with their guests in a surprising discover of love and friendship.

O Luna, My Pony! 1967

Based on the hit song, the story involves a young boy and girl who leave their home in Hokkaido to come and live in Tokyo.

Meet Me in St. Louis 1959

This adaptation of the classic 1944 film musical explores the lives of the close-knit Smith family -- mother, father, grandfather, and five children -- who live in St. Louis in the year 1903.

La vida es un tango 1939

Romance - with its ruptures and reunions - between a girl and a boy who want to succeed with the tango.

Travels of Hibari and Chiemi 1962

Playhouse employees Okimi and Otoshi become involved in an undercover officer’s investigation of a gang when they accidentally walk in on a drug deal taking place at their theater.

The Deputy Drummer 1935

Posing as an aristocrat to crash a party, a composer stumbles upon a gang of jewel thieves working unnoticed upstairs.