Undercover Gang

Undercover Gang 1986

In 1915 four kids try to stop the arsonist who is terrifying their small New Zealand town, but no one believes them. Based on the novel by Maurice Gee.


Hijack! 1975

A youth on the run hijacks a yacht with three children aboard.

Pen Puthi Mun Puthi

Pen Puthi Mun Puthi 1988

A Super Hit Tamil Comedy Romantic Emotional Drama Film. Ramki is a happy go lucky guy. When he is about to get married, Gowthami stops his marriage. Gowthami informs that she lied to stop Ramki's marriage as she wants him to help his innocent parents Jai Ganesh and Srividya to come out of jail.

Arante Mulla Kochu Mulla

Arante Mulla Kochu Mulla 1984

Arante Mulla Kochu Mulla is a Malayalam family film released in the year 1984. It is directed by Balachandra Menon, starring Balachandra Menon, Shankar, Srividya, and Laksmi. The film is noted for the performances of the late Srividya and Laksmi, who portray sisters-in-law.

Legend of Firefly Marsh

Legend of Firefly Marsh 1987

Firefly Marsh is a fog-enshrouded corner of the world, steeped in mystery. Stories of what lurks in the dark waters date back to Indian lore. But could Firefly Marsh really hide a prehistoric creature like the one in Loch Ness? Twelve year-old Charlie Curtis and his friend Jim may have found the answer after "something" swamps their dingy in the marsh. Was it the monster? For Charlie, that night sparks a personal odyssey that will take over half a century to finish. The memory of what he saw becomes his obsession, his lifelong passion. When Charlie's grandson, Kevin, comes to visit for the summer, he becomes caught up in his grandfather's stories. Are Charlie's stories just to entertain the local children or is there some truth to the old man's tale? Soon the curious teenager begins his own adventure, a quest to solve the mystery behind The Legend of Firefly Marsh. - Written by Gabe Torres


Aabhijathyam 1971

A poor music student Madhavan seeks accommodation in Menon's house. Menons daughter Malathi and Madhavan are drawn to each other.

Love Note

Love Note 1987

Two high school students, one with terminal cancer the other with no direction in life, come to terms with themselves and each other.


Adolescence 1981

Fourteen years old Anutsa is often forced to stay alone while her father leaves for business trips...

A Mouse, a Mystery and Me

A Mouse, a Mystery and Me 1987

A Christmas special about a world-class mystery-writing mouse who spends Christmas Eve with his sleuthing partners tracking down a missing Santa. The special combines live-action footage with an animated character, Alex the mouse.



A recently divorced narcissist is confronted about his extramarital affair by his estranged 13-year-old son.