Shinjuku Boy Detectives 1998

n the streets of ultra-modern Shinjuku, Sosuke,a young would-be detective, all of a sudden attacked by a monster robot and falls unconscious. Determined to unravel the mystery, Sosuke joins forces with four members to fight against the robot. Will they be successful?

Family Answers 1996

This special presentation features family experts sharing practical suggestions on how to draw family members closer together, improve communication, positively and peacefully resolve conflict, and encourage greater understanding.

The Treasure of Eagle Mountain 1995

Chad Keeler hates his father for abandoning him when he was a boy of 10. His father, Alonzo, has become a believer but doesn't know how to reach out to his son. To make matters worse, a group of gold-hungry thieves sets out to kill him for the treasure map that he determines to use as a peace offering with his son.

Commander Kellie & the Superkids: Armor of Light 1995

NME serves unrelenting as Major Dread is determined to destroy the broadcasts of SKTV. He enlists Darkmaster to serve as a hero to the world in order to sway viewers from SKTV. A rally is planned in order to draw even more attention to the dark side. But Commander Kellie enlists her own force of God's Word. And with the help of Pastor Daniel Lyon, the true light of God's Word is shed upon NME's darkness.

Halloween Party 1953

This movie starts with a Mother and her two children nonchalantly going to the window when someone knocks on the window. Shouldn't they be on their guard? And what good is their huge German Shepherd Shep? But wait! It's only Dad! Silly man! He's brought home Halloween stuff! Junior makes a truly hideous mask from a paper bag and sets it in the lamp to make it look more ominous. (

Antkeeper 1966

This classic from Rolf Forsberg, in the style of Fellini and Bergman, tells the story of a gardener who decides to introduce ants to his garden, because they will benefit what grows there. He is disturbed when the ants spend all their time fighting. He sends his son to teach them how to live peacefully.

The Story of Love 1971

Although well qualified, Ram Chand is unable to obtain suitable employment, and works as a peon in an organization. One day he meets with Ravi Chand, who is on the verge of committing ...

Sailaab 1956

Krishna is suffering from memory loss and is under the guidance of Dr Sushma. They fall in love and get married, but when Krishna gains his memory he tries to kill Dr Sushma.

Toni, You're Crazy 1968

In the village cemetery, the funeral of a married couple - victims of a car crash - is ending. The relatives unscrupulously take away the facilities of the dead people's little cottage, totally ignorant of the fate of eight-year old Ruda, whom the childless couple took from a children's home and adopted. Fortunately, an elderly lonesome uncle named Tony remains in the empty cottage and decides to take care of the boy, nicknamed Münchie after Baron Münchhausen for his wild imagination.

La aventura de los Roller Kids 1996

Brothers Rocky and Gaby crash on an island, where Gaby finds the Nocxi stone. The life of the indians of the island depends on that stone. Gaby, Rocky, and their gang of friends will have to return the stone in order to save the island's native people.

Alice in Wonderland 1955

A young girl named Alice falls down a rabbit-hole and finds herself in Wonderland, a fantasy land of strange characters and ideas.