Fegefeuer 1988

The story of Austrian, Johann "Jack" Unterweger, who wrote a book about his criminal past while serving a life term in prison for assault. In 1974, Unterweger murdered 18-year-old German citizen Margaret Schäfer by strangling her with her own bra, and in 1976 was arrested and sentenced to life in prison.

Satanic Cults and Ritual Crime

Satanic Cults and Ritual Crime 1990

This program explains some of the reasons why people are drawn to the Satanic way of life and reveals the symbols used by members of the occult world. The program also highlights some of the criminal activities associated with ritual practices and ceremonies and gives important dates when these crimes are most likely to occur during the year. (worldcat.org)

La última jugada

La última jugada 1975

A policeman must infiltrate the criminal underworld to investigate the theft of some paintings. The first clue leads him to a Latin American country, where a military prepares for a coup.

Night of the Vultures

Night of the Vultures 1988

Mexican horror-crime-type film, with a group of young people going on a brutal rape and home-invasion-killing crime spree and filming their escapades with a camcorder as it happens.

From Here to Prosperity

From Here to Prosperity 1986

In Thailand in the 1950s, Detective Au Wei is shot to death by Cha Tin-Hung in a raid because of Cha's involvement with black market diamonds and jewelery. Wei's daughter Chun Chun swears revenge, helped by Wei's friend Yeh Tai-kor, a professional con-man.


Ballbuster 1989

Roosevelt Prophet is a one-time big city cop turned private investigator- nickname "Ballbuster". Ballbuster must stop the nefarious Nick Plato, who's into everything from loan sharking to gambling.

The Iron Butterfly II

The Iron Butterfly II 1990

A Hong Kong homicide detective insists on the same name that his father, Rock Moon, has died and carved it deeply into his heart. In this case her mother is treated in a psychiatric hospital. Have found that their heads are the same in recent drug trafficking and crime-ridden campaigns.

A Tooth for a Tooth

A Tooth for a Tooth 1973

Kung fu sensation Cheung Lik stars as the rough and ready kung fu kid who is tricked into robbing a triad boss. Amongst the things he steals is a contract for opium distribution between the triad boss and the Japanese Yakuza. Now the stage is set for some hate! The triads and the Japs send out all their top fighters to get the list back off the kid before he goes to the police with it.