Brain Fix 1993

Black-listed Professor Fued believes he has found a cure for acute schizophrenia by implanting living parasites into his patients' brains. When son Jeff witnesses his father at work he is appalled. He and apparently-normal patient Molly, whom he loves, are next on the treatment schedule...

Prefectural Earth Defense Force 1986

The evil secret society known as the Telephone Pole Gang seeks to take over the world by first taking over a certain prefecture on Kyūshū (they never specify which one). In order to thwart the evil plans of the Telephone Pole Gang, Imazuru High School creates the Prefectural Earth Defense Force, composed of problem teachers and students from the school. They are also joined by a cyborg transfer student from India.

Abschiedsdisco 1990

A village has to be destroyed for coal mining. Henning, a 15 years old boy, who wants to visit his grandfather one more time, realizes that nothing will be the way it used to be.

The Galactic Garden 1985

A pair of space travellers arrive on Earth to study the planet's lifeforms, landing in an English garden. However, on Earth they are about three quarters of an inch tall and therefore find themselves encountering its natural and giant indigenous life, such as worms, spiders, goldfish and a tortoise. A drama documentary on natural history with a science fiction twist.


A top secret project between the Trugollian Empire and the US military causes unforeseen complications in the lives of the participants.

Denis & Denis: The Movie 1985

A little known cyber punk musical with a love story twist set in a distant future made by Denis & Denis, featuring the most famous songs from their albums "Čuvaj Se" (1984) and "Ja Sam Lažljiva" (1985). This special was broadcast on TV Belgrade in 1985. A song entitled "Ja Sam Lažljiva" features in the end credits. -Jason Forrest, Network Awesome.

The Unlimited Dream Company 1983

An experimental documentary portrait of author J.G. Ballard. Ballard speaks about his life and work, and submits to a lengthy personality questionnaire; these sections are intercut with surrealist scenes inspired by Ballard's fiction, centering on a downed pilot wandering through various landscapes.

2076 Olympiad 1977

It is the year 2076 and the effect of commercial sponsorship on the Olympic Games has had a logical effect. This year, the leading bidder for the telecasting rights for the games is a erotic tv-channel, and gold medals are given for endurance competitions that are not entirely athletic.

Third Planet in the Solar System 1972

The film is in 3 parts: 1) 'Eden' - Aliens from the planet Rhea have flown with a damaged spaceship to Earth, looking for intelligent beings. They find apemen and take one of them into their ship. 2) 'The Wanderer' - A crime writer, who is travelling to see his dying friend, picks up a strange hitchhiker. On his return from the sanatorium, his car goes off the road, but the stranger lifts it into the air and lands it back on the highway. Then he goes to the writer's house and shows him his supernatural abilities. 3) 'My First Day' - Len, an alien traveler arrives on Earth to share with humans the knowledge of their ancient civilization. He meets its inhabitants, who are served by robots and travel back in time, because their life is boring and meaningless. Every day his hostess Lena visits an ancient Slavic settlement and monitors its inhabitants. One day she appears before the hunter Bayan, who has been captivated by her beauty and takes her into his hut.