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Zombie Night

Tonight, at sundown... the dead will rise again
Zombie Night
Zombies come out at night and two families must survive until morning.


viciouslollipop really was THAT bad... I caught this at 1 or 2am on the SciFi Channel(yes, I know they changed the spelling of their name a few years back but I refuse to acknowledge it:)...first off let me say that I am a huge zombie/horror movie fan and will watch almost anything(I have sat thru some real dogs in my day), but this movie was just plain awful...the plot, most of the acting,the effects, and the pacing were just absolutely terrible. I try to never be one of those people that says "Oh I can't believe he/she was in THAT!" because I realize acting is still a job and helps pay the bills, but I would've been hesitant to take this job:P I was frankly surprised to see 4 pretty well-known actors in this once I started to realize how bad a script/movie it was...just DO NOT waste your time with this bc you will be very, very disappointed in the quality(and that's coming from someone who enjoys a good "B- movie").

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