Succession 1992

A former stockbroker-turned-yakuza must make sure his alcoholic boss is up to the task of swearing in the next leader of their syndicate.

Lucy Contra los Limites de la Voz 2012

Lucy, a seven year old girl, wants to know if a person's voice can run out and if that could be the reason why her grandpa stopped talking. To find the answer, she decides to perform a risky experiment defying her Aunt Rose's strict rules.

Tropic Island Hum 1997

After he's nearly shot at by hunters, Wirral the Squirrel is rescued by balloon-riding Froggo and both fly to a tropical island, where other rescued animals take refuge.

El Pescador 2012

On the Day of the Death, Leni, an old fisherman, embarks on an extraordinary journey. Using old photographs as bait, he fishes objects from his youth that help him recreate the moment in which he met his beloved.

Memo. 2007

Evan Williams' first feature film! Only 100 copies of the DVD exist!