Sometime in the near future. Three parallel universes. She dies in each one. He cant take the loss. With an unsecured technology that has accidentally made its way to the wider public, they decide to go for a ride to a fourth parallel in which she is still alive - ours. A tale of refracted light, chasing the last flicker of hope for snatching romance from death, through a hall of mirrors darkly.


”This year we pulled out all the stops to bring you Dimensions. An exploration of all sides that snowkiting has to offer in search of the hidden realm. Join a group of the world’s top kiters on an epic adventure as they continue to raise the bar of what’s possible. Shot in High Definition all over the world during the 2008 season, Dimensions will have you reaching for the rewind button again and again. Featuring the high level of cinematography and filmmaking that you’ve come to expect from snowkitefilm.com.” Running time: 45 minutes. Bonus: Trailers, Super 8 Footage, Ozone Snowkite Masters Spoken language: English and Norwegian Subtitles: English

Dimensional Connections

A wild and visual path of unusual wonders using a fusion of cutting-edge animation and contemporary music and art. Dimensional Connection is the culmination of an amazing journey that reveals itself with unfathomable insights. An intense and powerful soundtrack leads you stumbling through a maze of traps, temptations and surprises. This unpredictable excursion unravels itself as the greatest mystery of all.

Video Game Nightmare Astra Heroine Of The Dark Dimension

Dawn Murphy stars as a young woman who wishes she could be a heroine like Astra, the character from her video game. But when she suddenly finds herself in the Dark Dimension, Dawn learns she should have watched what she wished for! It's become all too real! She finds herself at the mercy of Skullface, attacked by robots, and left to be eaten alive by a dinosaur! Will Astra (Vanessa Carlton) be able to save her and return her to our world or will Dawn be doomed to live in the Dark Dimension forever?