Song of the Succubus 1975

The leader of a rock group is haunted by the ghost of a music star who took her own life at the turn of the century.

Manhattan Love Song 1934

After having been swindled out of all their money by a crooked business manager, formerly wealthy socialites Jerry and Carol discover that they owe their chauffeur and maid back wages they are unable to pay. They're forced to let their former employees live in their luxury apartment in lieu of paying the money they owe them.

The Greatest Song 2009

Romance - Movie about music producer who finds love in the church - Lamman Rucker, Aida Rodriguez, Joe Clair

Digital Theatre: Parlour Song 2009

Demolition expert Ned lives in a nice new house on the edge of the English countryside. He loves his job. Barbeques. Car boot sales. His life is entirely unremarkable. So why has he not slept a wink in six months? Why is he so terrified of his wife? Parlour Song is a satirical exploration of deceit, paranoia and desire in leafy surburbia.

Song of Old Wyoming 1945

Statehood for Wyoming became the weighty focal point in this very low-budget music Western from poverty row company PRC, which served to introduce Eddie Dean as the company's newest singing cowboy. Old Ma Conway (Sarah Padden) champions statehood for Wyoming, believing the measure would put an end to the territory's lawlessness; but the elderly woman is opposed by cattle buyer and tax assessor Lee Landow (Ian Keith and greedy banker Dixon (Robert Barron). When Ma offers her opinion in a newspaper article, Landow sends his henchman Ringo (Rocky Camron) to put the fear of God in the woman.

Song of Mexico 1945

Actress Carol Adams retires from the theater when she becomes engaged to businessman Gregory Davis, but is increasingly frustrated by Greg's unwavering devotion to his business. Tired of being ignored, Carol leaves her engagement ring with Greg's secretary, Sarah Anderson, and flies to Mexico City to repair her broken heart and visit her friends, Anita and Arturo Martinez. On the plane, Carol meets Ramon Carranza, a handsome singer and movie star who is wildly popular in Mexico.

The Bachelor's Swan Song 1989

Kenny and Maggie, lovers of long standing, have been scrimping and saving for their marriage. One day Maggie suspects that she is pregnant, and suggests an early wedding. Kenny is thunder struck as he has just lost his every cent in the stock market.

Song of the Caballero 1930

After El Lobo robs Don Jose he gives one of the stolen items to Conchita. Later when he saves Anita in a runaway coach, Don Pedro invites him to the wedding of Anita and his son Don Jose. But Conchita is at the wedding and recognizes him putting his life in danger.

Song of the Assassins 2018

"Song of the Assassins" is a return to old-school style wuxia, telling the tale of a secret Bureau of Assassins.

Song of the Eagle 1933

This drama centers on the fight for certain post-Prohibitionist groups to gain total control over the liquor industry. Much of the tale is focused upon a family endeavoring to keep their little brewery.

Song of the Firefly 2002

“Song of the Firefly” is a visual poem which utilizes the camera-less photogram technique that was introduced in Pruska-Oldenhof's 2001 film “Light Magic.” “Song of the Firefly” transports the viewer to an open field on a warm summer night, where the luminous dance of the fireflies can be experienced. The exhuberant display of light, as each flash illuminates different portions of the field, reveals fragments of the space in which we are contained, leaving us always waiting in anticipation to see more.

A Song for You 1934

Riccardo Gatti, an Italian opera singer and lover-divine with voice to match, is the idol of all the women in Vienna,and is the man every woman is after. So, what's wrong with Mary Newberg, who keeps running away from him ?

City of Song 1931

A tourist guide in Naples is taken on by an English woman impressed by his singing, and who regards him as her protege.

Bridge of Song 1955

A promotional film about transport which uses ballads and songs of the past.

Song And Dance Man 1936

Julia and Hap are a dance team. He drinks and gambles, she succeeds for a while with the help of producer Alan.