5 Business Befitting for Indonesian People Only With Smartphone

According to data from e-Marketers, there is an increase in the number of smartphone users from only 55 million in 2015 to 100 million in 2018.

From these data, it turns out that Indonesia is ranked fourth as an active smartphone user country in the world after China, India, and America.

Behind the high number of smartphone users, the high business land is also quite promising. Here are some business ideas that can be run only through smartphones that we have.

Online game

If you really like playing online games, it’s better to take them seriously. No need to be afraid it will only be a waste of time because, through online games, you can make a lot of money.

You can try playing some online games than building your own account so that the account can be sold to other people.

The tips are to be observant in choosing online games that are viral and will soon be viral. Then you can make an account as impressive as possible until it can be sold at a fairly high price.

Reseller / Dropshipper

As the fourth largest country of active smartphone users in the world, it is not surprising that Indonesia has also been named the largest e-commerce market in Southeast Asia.

You can also be a part of the e-commerce market by becoming a reseller or drop shipper for goods sold online.

Second-Hand Stuff

Used goods turned out to be still much in demand by the Indonesian people. Second-hand stuff or what is commonly called preloved goods is one of the financial resources that can be obtained only through smartphones. Interest in items like this in Indonesia is quite high so you don’t have to worry about not selling.

Selling Tickets Online

To sell tickets online, you do not need to open a travel business whose capital is large enough. With a smartphone, you can sell airline tickets.

The trick is to register with the airline that you think is appropriate and then promote the tickets offered by the plane to family, friends, or can also be promoted on social media.

Selling Handicrafts

If you are a person who is creative enough in producing handicrafts, then it would be better to sell your work online.

No need for handicrafts that are difficult to make such as oil paintings or sculpture sculptures. You can sell ethnic bracelets, folding shopping bags, handmade necklaces or other handicraft products.

Then you can use a smartphone to market these items to chat groups and also to social media that you have.

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