Business Crafting With D’mollis Brand Products Sent to Africa

Kartika Dwi Putri never thought if the intention to prepare for the birth of her baby would be the gateway to her success as a young entrepreneur. At first, he wanted to prepare bedding sets for his prospective baby.

In 2014, Tika became pregnant and wanted to welcome the presence of the child with cute equipment. He tried ordering bedding sets to craftsmen and it turned out to be expensive. Then, he took the initiative to ask his mother for help.

The mother made her two sheets, pillowcases, and bolsters. After the baby is born, Tika always wants to change the bed sheets for her baby because she is bored with the motives. However, he felt bad if he had to ask for help from the mother to make it. He also took the initiative to sew himself.

The result, ragged and messy, but the mother let and did not help. One product is ready. The next day, he planned to vacation out of town. He thinks of an efficient way to bring blankets for cute babies. Then he made the blanket himself before leaving.

“The blankets are made and there are friends who see, my friends are interested and ask to be made ready,” said Tika.

Because of being forced, Tika agreed. After the friend’s order is made, the product is uploaded by his friend on social media. As a result, demand has increased. Within a week before vacation, Tika has got ten orders.

He was shocked because he never thought of selling, let alone being a young entrepreneur.

“But I think it’s pretty good to increase the cost of going out of town, so while I’m in Jakarta, I buy the fabric there,” he said.

Orders are increasing and make Tika confused. Finally, he was determined to make an order by looking at the tutorial from Youtube and she succeeding. He also promotes his products via Instagram. The mother also helped Tika who had become young entrepreneurs.

In the second year, he ventured to make women’s bags, clutch. Initially from ordinary ingredients then he switched to leather. In the same year, he had one employee sending his products abroad.

Dmollis products are sent to Africa. He left his product in a shop there.

“The owner is an Indonesian, married someone there and he has a girl shop there. the shopper is his wife Bill Gates, so he is there selling Indonesian products and if in Indonesia I have sent to Papua, “said Tika.a

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