The business of President Joko Widodo’s Son, The Skyrocketing Gibran Rakabuming

Being a catering business and opening a martabak business, is a living choice for Gibran Rakabuming Raka, the eldest son of President Joko Widodo. Mandiri/Independent that is the reason Gibran chose to become a businessman.

He did not care if his choice of doing business was considered different from the children of most officials in Indonesia. Gibran said he was comfortable living it. Although said Gibran, his choice of life was contrary to the wishes of his father.

According to him, Jokowi wanted Gibran to continue the furniture business that was already quite large. However, he refused. In 2010, Gibran began pioneering a catering company called ‘Chili Pari’ with capital from a bank loan. Not the capital of his father who at that time still served as Mayor of Solo. Why choose a catering business? Gibran assesses, there is a chance to reap profits in the business field.

“I see the opportunity of the market there. Marriage is certain, there is a wedding event. Moreover, I have my own wedding building. Become one package. The market is clear, the buyers are clear,” Gibran said.

As time went on, his business instincts turned out right. The catering business pioneered by Gibran continues to grow until now. In fact, ‘Chili Pari’ now extends to the Wedding Organizer to provide Souvenirs, Invitations, and Pre-wedding photos.

Not satisfied with just serving a catering business, Gibran and several of his colleagues developed another culinary business, around 2015. ‘Martabak Kota Baru’ or what is known as ‘Markobar’. Eight-flavored Martabak is the mainstay of ‘Markobar’ and is now a successful community idol.

Now, Markobar has 29 branches spread across a number of regions in Indonesia.

Recently, Markobar launched a new menu called Thin Dry. Sweet thin martabak, which is crispy when bitten is actually an old menu in the world of martabak. The difference is that the Thin Dry menu in the style of Markobar is claimed to be more durable than similar menus in other places.

Not only Chili Pari and Markobar, but Gibran also tried the coffee shop business and processed chicken claws. When asked what the shadow of his business would be in the next 10 to 20 years, Gibran was quite visionary. He targets Chili Pari to exist and be able to explore other cities besides Solo City.

While Markobar, Gibran targets to have branches in all major cities in Indonesia, even Papua. Going forward, Gibran plans to expand its business to other sectors. This time, he will collaborate with his youngest brother Kaesang Pangarep.

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