Business Inspiration from Founder Starcross Clothing Yogyakarta

This entrepreneur is named “Weimpy Andhari”, who is usually called Tebonk. Starting a clothing business starts from the environment. In 2002 he worked at the Molly Distro, once worked at Distro Triggers, after which he founded Starcross Wardrobe.

Founded Starcross Wardrobe in 2004, at the age of 20 years. Had been confused because of messy lectures and romance that ran aground when going to run a clothing business.

“What you want, what you dream of, what you aspire to be fought for,” Weimpy said.

From the beginning of 2004 to establish clothing, he admitted that he was glad that he had never thought that Starcross would be big. But he was happy with the design, love with the environment and finally, the industry grew.

Weimpy said that now there are many entrepreneurial young campaigns thinking about concepts, there must be goals to think about. Unlike Starcross, his journey was originally only for fun, love with the design and not thinking about results.

Starcross Wardonk Wardrobe appeared because Pasion, the opportunity arises if the business will be profitable. After the product develops, he feels he has to tidy up his management and concepts. The business process with the target market of young people, who have good design direction is a characteristic of Starcross Wardrobe.

Weimpy said Starcross currently has 80 more distribution outlets in Indonesia, some in collaboration with distro agents. Starcross not only produces shirts but also shirts, hats, shoes, bags that are 75 percent for young people.

Even though the fashion business has emerged from time to time, this man born in Bangka Belitung 31 years ago was not worried. The secret is to maintain the brand and always innovate in its products.

“Price is not a priority, but branding [brand] that presents an inherent product will have its own market [market],” Weimpy said.

No wonder the business that initially was just trial and error when I was still studying at one of the private campuses in Sleman in 2004, Weimpy now has many distributions with a total of 82 employees. Per month from the beginning it only produced 2-3 dozen, now Starcross produces up to 500 dozen more.

Monthly turnover reaches billions of rupiah. Although many employ creative teams, each product produced by Starcross is nothing to be missed without going through the touch of his hand, it is to maintain the originality of Starcross products. “Maintaining branding ideals is very important,” Weimpy said.

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