Business Inspiration From Sally Giovanny Entrepreneur Trusmi Batik

One of the many who succeeded in achieving success in the online business is Sally Giovanny. With an economic background of disadvantaged families, Sally decided to become an entrepreneur since she was a teenager. Check out the inspirational story below.

Sally Giovanny Begins to Do Business with Around the Market

It’s not easy for Sally Giovanny’s career to get success like now. Initially, he started his business by trading Cirebon batik. He offers his merchandise by going around the market. Sally traveled around the markets of Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya to get her batik customers.

This woman’s perseverance turned out to bring tremendous success. His determination to enter the business world since the age of 18 made him stronger. At the age of 26 years, Sally Giovanny became a businesswoman who counted in Indonesia.

Sally made a business from one of Indonesia’s distinctions, namely batik. By staying focused on Trusmi batik, which is a regional batik, bringing it to extraordinary success. By collecting the profits he gained when trading around finally Sally Giovanny managed to establish a Trusmi batik shop.

Along with the skyrocketing use of batik cloth in Indonesia, bringing Trusmi Sally’s batik to sell becomes increasingly crowded. In addition, the development of the city of Cirebon which is a tourist destination city also has a big role in raising the business “Trusmi Sally Giovanny batik”.

At first, Sally only had a small permanent store. But now thanks to his tenacity, becoming a wholesale shop for Trusmi batik with an area of 1.5 hectares.

A powerful achievement from a woman who is only a high school graduate. Currently, Sally employs more than 850 permanent employees and 500 batik artisans.

Even now, the Trusmi batik shop outlets are expanding and reaching the online business world. With the brand, Sally Giovanny began expanding its business into cyberspace to maximize its business.

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