CEO Bukalapak Give3 Strategies to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Apparently failure is not a frightening thing for this one entrepreneur. Instead, failure is the key to success in starting a business.

In front of young people, the CEO of Bukalapak, Achmad Zaky gave three valuable strategies tobecome entrepreneurs

“The young people in us (Indonesia) are extraordinary, we have to support these young people, I also gave three strategies,” he said after becoming a mentor at the event held by the Foreign Policy Community Of Indonesia (FPCI) Super-mentor 22, Saturday (04/14/2018) at IPB International Convention Center.

Zaky explained that the first strategy was to dare to fail. Because according to him failure is what makes someone more enthusiastic and continues to study seriously.

“Dare to fail, keep learning, learning doesn’t have to be in class, failing it goes to thehead and it keeps us learning,” he said.

And the second strategy delivered is to focus on the goal. By focusing on one’s goals will continue to run untun achieve its goals.

“Have a goal and don’t think of money, focus on the goal only if our life goals are good.God willing, all of our spirit is also good,” he explained.

The third strategyis hard work. Zaky also emphasized that the opportunity to become a young and digitalized entrepreneur and technology is getting bigger.

“It’s a big opportunity. And that’s Bukalapak’s mission, we create informal jobs,” hesaid.

In the event with the theme of recipe for success, life skills and work ethic for the 21st century generation was also attended by Dino Patti Djalal, Bima Arya Sugiarto and Ridwan Kamil.

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