Three Siblings Succeeded in the Property Business

Three brothers namely Junaidi Dahlan, Billy Dahlan, and Wijaya Dahlan successfully operated three hotels at once in three cities in Semarang, Pekalongan and Cilacap. They are the owners of the Dafam Hotel & Resort Group head quartered in Semarang.

All three occupy important positions in the board of directors of companies that are specifically engaged in the hospitality industry. Junaidi Dahlan as commissioner, Billy Dahlan president director and Wijaya Dahlan as director.

The Dafam Group will not only operate two- and three-star hotels, but penetrate all classes. Atleast, it is currently being prepared to build a four-star hotel with the name Grand Dafam in Yogya and five stars under the name Royal Dafam in Bali.

In addition toYogyakarta and Bali, the Dafam Group is also preparing the establishment of hotels in other cities such as Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.

In addition to self-owned hotels, there are currently several hotels in Bandung and Jakarta that are ready to join the management of the Dafam Group.

Billy claimed to bevery enjoy running a hospitality business. For him, this business is a dream he wants to achieve since he was in school. He likens it to a dream come true.

By their parents, since middle school and high school they are required to study abroad. In addition to mastering knowledge and foreign languages, they are expected to have a network with the international community.

A broad, they took diploma education in marketing communications at Cavendish College, London. Aside from being in London, they were also schooled in China to deepen Mandarin.

The three siblings did not only rely on the business of his father’s inheritance. They alreadyhave their own business activities. Junaidi became the director of “PT Tegal Jaya Makmur”, which is a Sampoerna Cigarette Production Partner company. Has more than 4,000 employees.

In addition to holding a pharmacy and gas station, Wijaya also has a plastic company “UD Dafam Multi Karya”. While Billy handled more matters related to thes wallow’s house. At present, there are hundreds of swallow houses scattered in Java’s Pantura to Lampung Sumatra. Three months can be harvested from the swallow house.

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