Stella Elvina DoingBaby Food Business to Win 1 Billion Rupiah

This entrepreneur is very keen to make a product. She is Stella Elvina owner of Omo! Healthy Snack. Omo! Healthy Snack is a baby and toddler snack product that was recently developed by Stella since September 2018. However, planning to make baby snack products has been started since the end of 2017, not long after She gave birth to a pair of twins.

Stella said, the initial idea to make a baby snack arose after She had been confused to provide complementary food for breast milk for his two children.

Stella, who was worried that she would buy baby snacks sold in the market, because of the quality and nutritional value offered by her she did not know for sure, finally decided to make her own baby snack, which turned out to be liked by her children.

“It turns out that my child likes it, so the other mothers start to be curious and try. They believe in the quality of this product because my children also eat it,” She said.

“Because I also provide the best products, without MSG, salt, preservatives, sugar. That preserves their health,” She added.

Stella then took a big step to bring her creation into the realm of business. Assisted by two colleagues who work as nutritionists and designer products, the three began to develop healthy snacks for infants and toddlers.

“The initial capital is not up to Rp1 million,” She said.

Recently Stella Elvina won first place in the MakerFest 2018 event. The event was a venue for talented local creators who were initiated by the Tokopedia market place.

With that achievement, Stella has the right to receive business capital support of Rp1 billion. Stella said that the prize would be used for product research and development purposes. In addition, the woman who is the representative of the city of Yogyakarta will also invest in equipment to increase production capacity.

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