Success at a Young Age Keisha & Karina Success in Cake Business

The age of adolescence is a time when young people are easier to show their talents and expertise in any case, starting with the art of talent in education or others. But to start a business may be young people are still rare to think about it, young people who have a passionate and free spirit are indeed still difficult to think for a business and are busy looking for income.

That is what Keisha Deisra might have realized early on, In 2011 Keisha who was then 17 years old when he founded Dulcet Patisserie was managed with his brother, Karina Mecca. Initially, he only made cupcakes and several other types of cakes and then marketed it to several friends and close relatives.

But after a long time, the demand that came instead increased every day added to the social media market which is currently very helpful to market a product. Plus Dulcet Patisserie also opens online delivery and orders for its customers.

At first, it might have never been imagined by this sister to seriously pursue this business at the time, the first cake she made was a cupcake and several other types of cake, after which she increasingly sharpened her talent and presented several kinds of cakes that came from her creations.

In developing his career, Keisha presents a new menu every month through a trial and error process, from which he learns a lot about the different tastes of the market. In terms of marketing, he also utilizes social media and the distribution of brochures as one of the means of promotion, but over time, the pastry business he founded is more widely known by word of mouth.

During the Keisha and Karina business, they felt their biggest challenge was about Human Resources (HR). They both have their own principles in educating their employees who currently number 17 people and parts of production, delivery, and administration.

With this business, Keisha is one of the young entrepreneurs who is considered successful in running their culinary business.

It was proven that in one month the turnover which he had reached hundreds of millions of rupiah between Rp. 200 million to Rp. 300 million and the most important thing for the 5 years they had operated in this business was that they had never experienced a loss.

Oh yeah for those of you who want to taste the delicious menu here you can directly come to the store directly in the area of Ciganjur, South Jakarta.

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