Creative Young Entrepreneur Erika Ernawati Wins Competition IDR 500 million

Creative Entrepreneur Erika Ernawati Simangunsong won the competition in The Big Start Indonesia Season 3. By raising the concept of facial care with Brand Pavettia Skincare.

The Big Start Indonesia is the first creativepreneur competition in Indonesia that focuses on providing opportunities for creative economic actors in developing their business. Various knowledge and experiences are given to them to be ready to face the business world, especially the digital era as it is now.

First announced by in 2016, The Big Start Indonesia has a mission to instill the spirit of innovation and creativity by providing knowledge, training, capital, networks, and resources needed by UKM program participants.

Erika Ernawati Simangunsong won the creativepreneur title and has the right to bring home the grand prize of Rp. 500 million. Pavettia Skincare is a winner in the Beauty and Health category.

Pavettia Skincare is a type of facial and cosmetic treatment formulated by utilizing local Indonesian ingredients. In addition, Pavettia also provides natural skin care using local ingredients.

All Pavettia Skincare products go through a rigorous process starting from the selection of high-quality ingredients selected directly from private estates in Subang, West Java, to controlling each process to become a product that is ready for use.

“We ensure the quality of our products by producing ingredients (essential oils, hydrosols, carrier oils & botanical extracts) and controlling every step of the process,” the site wrote.

“And we believe nature is the answer to having healthy skin, so we want to bring what is best from nature into Pavettia products that emit beauty.”

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