Hafiza Elfira Novitarini Successfully Becomes a Socialpreneur

Being an entrepreneur who is successful at a young age certainly cannot be experienced by everyone. To realize this, it will take a lot of effort and hard work because success will not be easily obtained, especially at a young age.

But various kinds of businesses and also opportunities that are trying to be created by some young people can bring them into successful entrepreneurs at a young age. Like this young woman, she has a high sense of caring and social life. She is a social entrepreneur, an entrepreneur who has and has a positive impact on the social field.

Armed with this matter, University of Indonesia students empowered leprosy mothers in Sitanala under the auspices of the Nalacity Foundation.

Aside from using his high social spirit, Hafiza also relies on his business ability to equip leprosy mothers in the area with various bead sewing skills on the hijab. With its diligence, Hafiza and Nalacity Foundation are able to get sales turnover of up to hundreds of millions per month.

Hafiza also won an award as 10 Successful Young Entrepreneurs.

In this business, Hafiza utilizes online media and social media such as websites, twitter, Facebook, Instagram as a means to market the Nalacity Foundation’s headscarves. Because according to Hafiza the marketing process by utilizing social media is not complicated and quite easy because it can also be reached from various regions in Indonesia and even throughout the world.

This social activity has indeed been considered a success, but Hafiza and his friends have not forgotten their big goal of empowering people with disabilities to get a better and independent life.

This woman whose full name is Hafiza Elfira Nofitariani indeed illustrates her success in youth and can provide inspiration and encouragement for others.

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