The Success Story of Becoming a Rich Young Entrepreneur Rudy Salim

Rudy Salim, a young businessman whose name is known by many as the President Director of Prestige Image Motorcars. Prestige is a car showroom that sells various luxury cars.

Reportedly at the age of just 23 years, Rudy was able to earn a turnover of Rp1.3 billion.

Claiming to have cultivated 10 types of businesses, Rudy’s total wealth has now reached hundreds of billions of rupiah. But this wealth indirectly Rudy got, even though he was born from a very capable family.

His father and mother were doctors and wanted his son to follow in his footsteps in the health field. Although Rudy had studied the field in college, he did not continue until he was dropped out.

Finally, his parents gave ‘punishment’ to Rudy by proving he could succeed without becoming a doctor.

“I also became a doctor, the doctor dropped out. Well, so I dropped out, so I became agitated, he said,” if you don’t succeed, you don’t have to see parents anymore, you don’t have to meet anymore,” Rudy said.

Until finally Rudy turned his brain on how he could prove it to both parents. Then Rudy sold his car as an online credit venture capital.

The more time went on, the business that Rudy was involved in, even reaching the culinary world. When viewed on the surface, the achievement does look smooth and easy, but it’s not.

Rudy admitted that he had felt the bitterness of the business world, namely fraud.

“I feel cheated about daily food for every entrepreneur. In the past it was micro-finance, so first there were syndicates who made fake identities and then applied to buy goods,” Rudy said.

Until now Rudy has worked with many companies and artists, such as Luna Maya and Raffi Ahmad.

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