Wira Winata, illustrator who successfully completed the Hollywood animated film

From a hobby, so this income is the right words to describe the story of a creative businessman in the arts called Wira Winata. Because he was successful in his hobby since his childhood, he managed to bring him to America.

This success begins with a sense of love for the world of art at an early age. Figures like Donald Duck, Supermen, Batman, and Flash Gordon are the objects to draw while still in school.

But at that time, people around Wira considered that the profession as an artist would not be able to produce anything. therefore why when he studied he decided to take a major in manufacture engineering at Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore.

But he continued to do this hobby as a result, one of the lecturers saw his talent and suggested he take an industrial or product design major. After graduating, he was also interested in continuing his study in product design at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, America.

From there he met his colleagues Mike Frantum, Joey Jones, and Jason Du who ended up making an animated short film project in 2000. They ran the project with the help of people who were often behind animation studios like Disney, Dreamworks and also Blizzard.

Then after success, in 2001 the three of them agreed to establish a Shadedbox which is an animation studio company in America.

Under the company, they built together created the film The Little Red Plane. The film won several awards such as the Student Emmy Award and Dances with Films, and crystal trophies at the Heartland Film Festival.

And no less proud, the film The Little Red Plane was also aired specifically at the Cannes Film Festival. From there the Shadebox became acquainted with the commercial industry. Shadebox began working on various types of advertising and video game projects. Wira also received an offer to work on several Hollywood animated films such as The Peanuts Movie.

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