Three Sectors Supporting Cellular Voucher Distribution Technology in Indonesia

PT Distribusi Voucher Nusantara Tbk (DIVA), which plans to hold an initial public offering (IPO) in November, is confident in the prospect of the technology sector for the company’s business.

The company is engaged in digital business and accelerator in developing sales platforms that offer a variety of products both digital and non-digital.

At present, DIVA’s business activities are as dealers of telecommunications products. The company is developing a sales platform designed to suit the needs of MSME business players and their customers, namely smart outlet DIVA and DIVA intelligent instant messaging.

Stanley Tjiandra, Director of Nusantara Voucher Distribution said, this business has a bright prospect going forward because the growth space is still wide. Differences with businesses in the same sector, DIVA can be open with other companies, so that it can continue to expand stronger.

“We are not creating a product, but a platform that can cooperate with other sectors and for now we focus on the telecommunications, banking and tourism sectors,” Stanley said, Tuesday (10/30).

With the increase in digital activity, the use of wireless networks is not only the backbone of the Indonesian community but also as the backbone of the telecommunications industry’s revenue in Indonesia.

With the high number of customers in telecommunication operator companies, the increase in data consumption due to the increase in digital activity increased revenue for telecommunications operators will also have a positive impact on the income of cellular voucher distribution companies.

“This sector is a gateway to increasing the number of financial inclusion in Indonesia through the utilization of its outlet distribution, especially if calibration with digital platforms will facilitate the process of increasing financial inclusion,” Stanley said.

Then DIVA also strengthened branchless banking, which is a form of commitment to providing financial access for people who have not used and obtained banking and financial services.

The program puts forward three specific products including savings, microfinance, and microinsurance. So with this program, it is expected that public access to banks, especially in rural areas far from bank branches, will be more open.

“Branchless banking that can be applied with a mobile phone is seen as a very easy way for the community. This is a solution because it utilizes Bank Buku IV network, the largest telecommunication network operators in Indonesia, including 2.56 million retailers who are branchless banking agents,” Stanley said.

Then finally DIVA also has a bright prospect in the tourism sector, where the behavior of tourists now uses online travel agents more to prepare trips out of the region and holidays ranging from tourist destinations, tickets to lodging.

In other words, tourists now search and share using digital media. “And this can be accessed more easily using WhatsApp, line, messenger, and telegram that have been integrated with DIVA,” Stanley said.

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