List of Indonesia’s Richest People, These Entrepreneurs Also Do Property Business.

Entering the List of Indonesia’s Richest People, This Entrepreneur Also does the Property business, his name is Djoko Susanto. The man born on February 9, 1950 was born with the name A Kwie.

Djoko Susanto is the CEO of Alfa Supermarket, which now serves 3 million customers with 10,300 stores. Most of these stores are franchises and spread throughout Indonesia.

Djoko formed Alfa Midi under the auspices of PT. Midimart Utama. Although this branding differentiation effort was successful, at that time Djoko also had to give up the Alfa Supermarket to be sold to Carrefour. Finally, the incident made Djoko more focused on the development of the minimarket retail business, carried by the brand of Alfamart and Alfa Midi.

Djoko’s desire to focus on the retail mini market led to great success. Even Djoko also managed to establish a partnership between Alfa Midi and Lawson, one of the convenience store franchises originating from Japan.

There are many successes that have been achieved by Alfamart in the field of retail business. In 2012, Alfamart won the Top Brand award and was held by the Frontier Consulting Group research institute. Meanwhile in the same year, Alfamart also won an award from the Indonesia Best Brand Award for the best minimarket category.

These various awards and successes led Alfamart to become a strong business empire with 3,000 franchise outlets until 2009. All of the successes that Djoko Susanto achieved took him to the 27th richest person in Indonesia in 2014 by Forbes magazine.

In addition to the retail industry, Djoko Susanto also penetrated the hospitality division through Omega Hotel Management.

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