Business Inspiration for Laborer Ala PONGESTORE

The status of permanent workers with a service period of more than 15 years in an automotive company does not make it quickly satisfied with what has been obtained.

There are some new things that have attracted the attention of Agus Gunawan, a Metal Guard from PUK FSCM, DKI Jakarta. The side that can be pursued in order to get extra income without disrupting its activities as laborers.

Since a few years ago Agus Gunawan or a more familiar person was usually called as ‘Kipli’ started an online business. An online business that feels the easiest and without much capital for beginners like himself.

Start a business using social networking facilities that are now widely available on the internet. Advertising in some of the accounts he made on the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages is a way to market his merchandise. Merchandise in the form of casual shoes from several well-known brands. Pongestore, the name chosen for this online store brand account.

According to Kipli, initially for beginners, sometimes they are still confused about where to start.

“But if we are sensitive to information and keep trying to dig it, certainly nothing is impossible. Because basically achieving a success is a choice and we alone can determine it,” he said.

“For the time being the results are pretty good, it’s starting to look a lot. Friends of workers and Metal Guards in various regions, some have ordered goods online through Pongestore. Yes, initially I knew you on FB, Twitter or Instagram, talked about issues of struggle, asked about asking for goods, were interested and finally bought,” Kipli said.

As a guarantee, quality of goods and affordable prices for buyer satisfaction he said further.

This deserves a thumbs up, besides working as a good laborer in a company that produces motorcycle chains. Kipli is also active in the FSPMI organization as Metal Guard which ultimately leads to friendship in everyday life and on social networks. Which indirectly, he has built an online business network without the need to spend a lot of money.

An effort that should be appreciated and can be an inspiration for other workers. At least when the worst things happened, such as layoffs, Kipli already had the ‘Pongestore‘ business provision to connect the journey of life with his family.

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