The Story of Factory Workers is Now a Wig Entrepreneur

Dwi Ayu (34), she was a fake hair factory worker in the city of Surabaya. Five years he lived his life as a factory worker, he founded a home industry in his hometown, Blitar.

Women from Pagerwojo Village, Kesamben District, Blitar District taught their neighbors to assemble hair pieces. He collected the haircuts from various salons around him.

To be neat, the hairstyle is then sewn according to the desired model. Who would have thought from sharing that knowledge, Dwi was finally able to open a home industry to make wigs.

“Alhamdulillah, from sharing that knowledge, finally I was able to go home and open the wig home industry,” Dwi said on Wednesday (11/27/2018).

The business started since 2013 has developed slowly but surely. Now Dwi has been fostering and employing 14 people who are none other than their own neighbors.

With 14 workers, Dwi can produce as many as 20-50 wigs a day. Even the factory where he worked was also interested in the production.

“The quality of my artificial wig is liked by the factory where I used to work. Now I am their vendor. Send it to Surabaya once a week,” he said proudly.

Not only serving factory orders in Surabaya, Dwi’s wigs are also in demand by buyers from Blitar and Malang. According to the mother of two children, orders will usually increase towards the end of the year.

“Alhamdulillah, the turnover per month can be tens of millions. Hopefully my efforts will continue to be smooth and can help improve the economy of the surrounding community,” he said gratefully.

The worker and neighbor also said he was happy with the small-scale industry that Dwi had opened in his house.

“You don’t need to find work out of town. It’s nice that I can work here. It can help my family’s economy,” said Nova, who has worked for 1.5 years with Dwi.

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