Entrepreneur Anne Patricia Successfully Sells Rattan Online

Foresight and sensitivity in business are two important things that successful entrepreneurs must have. One of the entrepreneurs who has two things is Anne Patricia Soemarko.

This woman who has attended university in Australia is the owner of the Native Borneo online business. This online store, which was founded 2 years ago, sells various kinds of products made from rattan. Thanks to his hard work, Anne managed to earn hundreds of millions in turn from this rattan business.

Since 1985, Anne’s father already has a rattan mite factory in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. This factory was founded by his father and uncle because at that time in Japan was booming products made of rattan made of rattan. This opportunity was not wasted by the Anne family until they succeeded in becoming the main exporter of rattan mats to Japan.

Seeing his father’s successful rattan business, Anne thought to market the rattan products online. Moreover, now promotion through social media promises big profits. Finally, Anne decided to market handicraft products from rattan online in 2015.

Anne uses Instagram and Facebook as a means to promote Native Borneo products. Especially in Indonesia, many young people are actively using social media.

Although there are various kinds of rattan handicrafts sold by Native Borneo, the main products are carpets, such as handmade rattan mats, saburina rattan mats, kati ajiro mats, webbing mats, wooden carpets, and plywood carpets. These items are priced at quite a varied price, which is between Rp25,000 to Rp1,500,000.

Thanks to the intensive efforts to market products through online media, the turnover that is currently increasing. At the beginning of pioneering a business, Anne was only able to pocket a turnover of around Rp10 million per month. But now he successfully earned Rp100 million per month from this business.

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