Muhammad Khairul Apriatama Successfully Becomes a Young Entrepreneur in Jogja City

Being a young entrepreneur is something to be proud of. Muhammad Khairul Apriatama became one of the successful young entrepreneurs at the age of not even 25 years. He runs 4 businesses at the same time in the field of fashion and culinary in Jogja City.

Starting a business in the fashion world with one of his brothers at the end of 2015. Capitalizing on savings, he started his business until he finally developed. The brand that he owns is Arka Batik Jogja, his batik business and also MIB Fashion is his business brand for women’s clothing.

Not only that, in early 2018 Tama also developed his business in the culinary field. He already has two culinary businesses including the Ceritanya Katsu and Ceritanya Gule. Both of these culinary businesses are recognized by Tama only in Jogja.

This athletic guy also has a hobby of cooking. No wonder if he is so sure to continue his business in the culinary field. Although starting a business has many obstacles, it turns out that this 2015 DIY Population Ambassador did not stop his business.

The guy who is also a choreographer also said that even though he was busy doing business, he still did not bother when he was hanging out with his friends. He was able to share his time when he had to take care of his business and when to study and gather with his friends.

In addition to being a young entrepreneur, Tama is often asked to be a choreographer in ambassador elections from various fields. In addition, he is also a broadcaster who often participates in coverage for private television stations.

The eldest child of three siblings also turned out to be the brand ambassador of a renowned beauty clinic in Indonesia, Larissa. He was able to defeat 1000 more contestants and was able to win the award as Best Talent.

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