France Investment in Electric Energy in Indonesia

The French-owned company Electricite de France or EDF, is interested in investing in Indonesia. Companies engaged in the electricity sector plan to partner with local partners namely PT PLN and PT Adaro Energy Tbk.

Senior Advisor to Executive Group Director, International Division, EDF group Olivier Loriot revealed that the French company was not affected by the political year that occurred in Indonesia ahead of the 2019 election.

The investment made is a long-term investment and it is very confident that Indonesia remains stable despite being in a political year. According to him, the investment is not short-term and will be confident in the Indonesian economy. For this reason, cooperation with local companies requires long-term investment.

Regarding the investment, he is studying which projects will be financed. So it will depend on the project by project and does not require a long time because develop wants faster.

While the investment value of the EDF plan does not give a limit. EDF has spent a large number of funds as long as the project is done properly. The capacity and capability of EDF financing are very large. So what is more visible is not the costs incurred but the feasibility of the project.

Previously EDF had signed an agreement with Indonesia Power. In the agreement, there are several fields that will be developed together. Collaboration with Indonesia Power as a subsidiary of PLN is set forth in 3 matters concerning PV or PLTS, hydro or hydropower, and off electrification grids on the outer islands.

Senior Vice President of Asia, International Division, EDF Group, Jean Philippe Buisson revealed that investment decisions are awaiting project feasibility analysis. Later the results of the project feasibility analysis will be the next step in the investment of the French company.

EDF and PLN through its subsidiary Indonesia Power have pressed cooperation agreements related to investment. The investment made consists of PLTA, PLTS, and electrification on isolated islands. Collaborating with Adaro, EDF will also work together to invest in electrification in isolated areas of Indonesia.

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