Rich Entrepreneur Irwan Danny Mussry Marries Indonesian Artists

The Most Complete Profile of Irwan Danny Mussry, Maia Estianti’s husband. Irwan Danny Mussry was born on November 15, 1962, in Surabaya. He was born from a different country partner. His father was of Arab descent, while his mother was from Indonesia (Solo). The father of Irwan Mussry is an automotive businessman who has penetrated the watch business.

Since childhood, Irwan Mussry was very interested in the business world different from most children. From his confession, he was very happy to hear the story of his father, who was a reliable businessman.

Irwan Mussry is also known as a luxury goods businessman. Even his picture was posted on the cover of the last Forbes 2018 magazine.

Irwan Danny Mussry is the CEO or president director of PT Timerindo Perkasa International. Time International also has exclusive boutiques in upper-class malls, featuring brands such as Chanel, Cartier, Fendi, Tory Burch, and Tag Heuer.

Watches Entrepreneurs

One of the big efforts that were carried out by Irwan was the sale of various brands of watches. Irwan is a Rolex watch businessman known for having fantastic prices. It turned out that Irwan had developed the business for 30 years. The conglomerate, Irwan, was also quite generous. Maia’s husband often distributes expensive watches to other people. Even the athletes who won the Asian Games 2018 yesterday also got a luxury watch from him.

Owner of Several Korean Cosmetic Stores

Through his personal Instagram account, Irwan had uploaded several of his cosmetic outlets that were opened in Indonesia. Irwan opened ‘Laneige and Innisfree’ cosmetics outlets in a mall in Jakarta. The two Korean cosmetic brands are known to be loved by Indonesian women.

Owner of Boutique Outlets and Branded Bags

Irwan Mussry’s business turned out to be enough to spoil women. Besides cosmetics and watches, Irwan also opened boutique outlets and branded bags in a mall in Jakarta.

Irwan opened a business in this fashion with well-known brands such as ‘Fendi and Tory Burch’. Not only in Jakarta, but the Irwan Tory Burch outlet was also established in Surabaya.

Irwan also sells clothes and bags from fashion designer Valentino. Knowing the source of the rupiah purse, Irwan Mussry, it is not surprising that his wealth is abundant.

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