Nengah Natya’s Life’s Journey as a Retail Entrepreneur

Nengah Natya, Owner of COCO Group has an interesting story on a business trip. Who would have thought that the original businessman in Sidemen village, Karangasem, used to be a dishwasher at the Grand Hyat Hotel, Nusa Dua. Now, the man who is often called Natya becomes a reliable businessman, especially in retail.

The beginning of the story begins when there is a vacancy as a dishwasher at the Grand Hyat Hotel, Nusa Dua. He applied after graduating from Diploma I at the College of Tourism (STP), Nusa Dua, Bali. There, the 45-year-old man forged himself and worked his way up.

In 2004 Natya chose to stop working from the five-star hotel and try his luck by opening a food stall. Finally, he has now succeeded in creating a well-known brand in Bali in several fields, such as the retail field with the name COCO mart, the Coco Bistro restaurant area and several other businesses including the hotel business. Men who claim not to be very clever, say the core of doing business is courage and unanimous determination. Without it, all will never run and develop.

He felt the ups and downs of the business. When he graduated from high school in Klungkung, he was abandoned by his parents who were then farmers and merchant. Apparently the choice was right, because after migrating he got a lot of inspiration including in the field of business, after working as a steward, waiter, and others to study and forge themselves.

During a business trip, there are always stumbling blocks that become some obstacles. Not having capital, he ventured to borrow money here and there to build a business. All done with pleasure and sincerity without feeling complaining about the situation that sometimes ups and downs. Including obstacles when Bali BOM I and II several years ago.

As far as he does business, there are no specific targets he wants to achieve. He only wants to be able to open jobs in Bali and advance business for a better future. Natya also gave tips as motivation to the children of Muada Bali, “Nothing is impossible, it can’t be because it’s lazy”. Actually, if you want to learn and work, anything can be done, “he said advising the younger generation who are still afraid to move forward what else is facing the MEA (Asian Economic Community) era now and the competition is getting harder.

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