Success Story of Yasa Singgih Fashion Business Owner Men’s Republic

Never too young to become a billionaire is the principle of life that is owned by Yasa Singgih, a Founder of Men’s Republic. This is evident from a very young age he has become a billionaire and is able to establish his career in the business world.

Yasa Paramita Singgih, a young man born on April 23, 1995, from Bekasi, was born from a simple family. He never dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. He was once the master of ceremony (MC) at various birthday events, music, competitions, talk shows to seminars.

Products of the Republic of Indonesia have sold 500 pairs of shoes per month. Without a Yasa factory, it can generate a turnover of hundreds of millions of rupiah. From this effort, he was able to get a 40% net profit.

Not satisfied with the product now, there are still thoughts in his mind to sell belts and pants. The most certain is that he will continue to finalize the concept of business while walking.

Currently, the Men’s Republic brand customers already exist in all major cities in Indonesia and abroad. Such as Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Nigeria, with a turnover of around Rp. 200 million each month.

At the age of 19, he founded a company called PT Paramita Singgih to oversee his business.

He wants to make the Men’s Republic label as a provider of all men’s needs from head to toe. At present, Yasa is currently studying at Bina Nusantara University majoring in marketing communication.

Yasa and PT Paramita Singgih’s vision is to become the largest, largest and best online brand owner of fashion and consumer goods in Indonesia.

He wrote a book called Never Too Young to Become a Billionaire that contains travel, strategy and business value that made him a successful young entrepreneur.

Award Won

Yasa has also received several national and international awards for everything he does in the business world in Indonesia.

Yasa won the first prize of the National Mandiri Young Entrepreneur in the Creative Student category in 2015. The Real Figure of the Documentary Young Business Leader from the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia in 2015. Marketeers Youth of the Year in 2016 by Mark Plus.

And most proudly, his name is included in 30 Forbes 2017 Under 30 Young Leaders & Entrepreneurs in Asia.

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