Young and Beautiful, Putri Tanjung Creative Entrepreneurs that Influence Indonesian Youth

One of the richest people in Indonesia has beautiful children and also a young businessman, she is Putri Tanjung. Although born from a conglomerate family in Indonesia “uti” (his nickname) is not only silent, but he has a cool business and may inspire young people in Indonesia.

Name: Putri Indahsari Tanjung

Birthday: September 22, 1996


Starting a business from the age of 15 years

Born into a super-rich family, Princess Tanjung was silent and relaxed in her childhood. In fact, he has started a business from the age of 15 years. Instead of being a spoiled child and spree at that age, he started his business.

Even though he was still very young at that time, Putri was able to make his own business decisions. Surely doing business is not always smooth. He also got a lot of obstacles when starting his first business, especially at a very young age.

In 2011, Putri persuaded her friend to give her an opportunity to become a creator event. Initially, Putri made a Birthday party, garden party event and still used the name “EL PARADISO” (now it has become Creativepreneur Event Creator). Without capital from his parents, Putri finally managed to get the first fund of 20 million rupiahs and start her first event.

Never been rejected by 30 companies

The average child who just graduated from school or college would want to work in a dream company. Putri Tanjung’s business spirit descended from Chairul Tanjung’s father. Because his father is also a businessman who has a big influence in Indonesia. The blood of his father’s business is at Putri Tanjung.

Putri chose to start her own business such as Event Organizer and manage several events. He also experienced problems to get sponsors for the event to be done.

Until the business proposal was rejected by 30 companies and not only that. He was also expelled by a security guard because he had waited 3 more hours to invite his dream speaker.

Putri herself said that the BIG NAME of her parents who other people said was EXCELLENCE actually made her a burden. Putri tried to build her own business, many people thought Putri Tanjung could get a lot of help from her parents even though in reality she started from scratch alone without help from parents.

Creativepreneur Event Creator

From “EL PARADISO” the company finally changed its name to CREATIVEPRENEUR EVENT CREATOR. Which gives a lot of quality events for all creativepreneurs in Indonesia, the last beginning of this year they made “CREATIVEPRENEUR CORNER”.

The event invited many cool creativepreneurs in Indonesia to share and give tips. CREATIVEPRENEUR EVENT CREATOR has invited Raditya Dika actors and youtuber, Singers Vidi Aldiano, Gazan Azka, and others. Many creative business people from Indonesia have become part of the event.

A cool event that is the place for “INNOVATOR” was born. Early last year they went to Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bandung. In 2019 they will hold another CREATIVEPRENEUR CORNER event with more and cool speakers.

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