Success Story of Satwika Ary Saputra with a Business Brand Let’s Go! Chicken

Satwika Ary Saputra, an ordinary person called Wika. he had lived in Australia from 2004 to 2011. He graduated from EIBT South Australia in 2006 in the Diploma of Business program.

In 2008 he continued his studies at Deakin University Melbourne taking a Bachelor of Accounting degree. He was unable to complete his title (the remaining 2 semesters) and returned to England in 2011.

As long as Wika lives in Australia, she has worked in various industries such as F & B (McDonald’s) Marketing and Event Organizer. Has a strong organizational background, and has received several awards from the Indonesian Consulate General in Australia by successfully participating in the 2009 Indonesia Festival as the 2010 Stall Manager and Festival Indonesia as Deputy Project Manager.

The event itself was held at Federation Square and managed to attract 120,000 visitors for 3 days.

Satwika Ary Saputra is a CEO at PT INSPIRASI KULINER INDONESIA where the parent company of a fast food brand named LET’S GO! CHICKEN. Founded in 2015 and Go Chicken currently has 106 outlets operating in the Jabodetabek area. Let’s Go! Chicken is a fast food service that mainly serves fried chicken and burgers.

Until now, Go chicken employs 1000 workers and still grows every week. Currently, the business he runs opens 2 new outlets every week until January 2019 and will launch a new branch in the city of Surabaya in early April 2018.

Let’s Go! Chicken has the concept of grab and go, to serve super busy people in Jakarta and Surabaya. Until now, Wika’s business has 180 outlets in the Greater Jakarta and Surabaya regions. All operating outlets are managed by a holding company named PT. INSPIRASI KULINER INDONESIA.

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