Target investors under the age of 30, sure?

Warren Buffet started a stock investment at the age of 11, buying six Cities Service shares for US $ 38 per share. The important message is how to start investing as early as possible for the current millennial generation.

KSEI (Indonesian Central Securities Depository) provided data in December 2018 Single Investor Identification (SID), up to 44% to 1,613,165 SID. This amount consists of investment in shares, bonds, mutual funds, state securities (SBSN) and other securities recorded in KSEI.

This is very interesting because from the demographic perspective Indonesian investors are currently dominated by millennial investors. Investors aged 30 and under, up to 39.72 percent in 2018. Investor growth expanded to various parts of Indonesia not only centered on Java.

Hasan Fawzi, BE Development Director said, the growth of young investors, especially those aged 18-25 years or millennials, was the highest in the last two years. The growth in the number of new investors per month exceeds 19,000 SID on average.

In comparison, in the bond market alone, millennials also began to dominate. Data from the Ministry of Finance’s Directorate of Financing and Risk Management shows that from the total 004 Savings Bond Retail (SBR) buyers released by the government at the end of January, 12,961 investors, the number of investors from the millennials dominated with 50.61% of the total number of investors.

The characteristics of this long-term stock investment can be attractive and a choice for the millennials. Presenting IDX galleries on every campus should be able to reach more millennial investors.

Local investors like Tjandra Limanjaya

He is a successful businessman and also runs a profession as an investor. Tjandra Limanjaya is widely reported to have many businesses located in eastern Indonesia. He has many overseas and domestic work partners.

He also often cooperates with investors from various countries to invest in Indonesia. At present Tjandra Limanjaya is focused on investing in tourism. He said that investment in tourism is very profitable in the future and long term. It is seen that currently the Indonesian tourism sector is highly highlighted by foreign tourists.

To the extent that the target of 20 million foreign tourists can be fulfilled by increasing foreign tourists coming to Indonesia. The investment business in the world of tourism is very promising in the future. He has an investment in the world of tourism, especially in the eastern part of Indonesia.

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