The Story of the Inspiration Behind the Success of an Oyster Mushroom Entrepreneur

Getting a job at a prestigious company in the capital city of Jakarta with a large salary does not make this young man feel satisfied. He decided to leave the famous automotive company in Indonesia. This man born on June 1, 1992 prefers to cultivate “oyster mushrooms” in his hometown in Pangalengan, West Java.

“I think my life is good, I can get money every month, but the life of my parents and sisters in the village is still just like that. I feel my life is not useful if I live well, only I can do it myself,” said Taufik.

At that time Taufik felt uncomfortable and thought of his family. His father was only a carpenter, his mother opened a shop, and his brother was a motorcycle taxi driver. Because, Taufik was born from a very simple family.

Meticulously looking at the experience of his friends, the man who graduated from the D-3 Electrical Engineering Bandung State Polytechnic ventured to make the company “Mushroom Villa Agri Farm” by cultivating oyster mushrooms.

Unfortunately the business did not go smoothly. Instead of profit, he actually loses and has debts of up to Rp100 million. “The capital time is quite limited to make an ideal building, so it saves using the bamboo. Incidentally at that time the drains were clogged and heavy rains made the building collapse,” continued Taufik.

Now the business initiated since 2014 is a success by empowering vegetable farmers around their homes. Even with this oyster mushroom business, the youngest child of the couple Ade Sukarman and Onih is able to prosper his family’s life.

Armed with the electrical techniques he got during his college days, he created a sterilizer to keep the room temperature so that the results of the oyster mushrooms were much better. In fact, the cultivation of oyster mushrooms has become a matter of comparative study in several countries.

Not yet satisfied with the community, Taufik and his friend Hery Supriatna, are currently passing through the Action of Nature School Activities. In his activities, Taufik provides counseling and teaches how to cultivate mushrooms and various vegetables.

Taufik volunteered for free school activities with vegetable farmers and youth dropouts in his village. This was done to create jobs, prevent the flow of urbanization, and preserve the environment.

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