Inspiring Story of Agur Yake Mulia Founder of the Rotobot Robotics School

For children, robots are toys that are very popular. Agur Yake Mulya, the initiator and manager of the Rotobot Robotics School in Klaten, Central Java, was no exception.

His passion for robots and his hobby of unpacking toys made him pursue the world of robotics since the 5th grade of elementary school. Agur achieved achievements for various regional and national robotics competitions. In fact, he called his robot his best friend.

Agur is educated in a vocational school with a major in mechatronics which makes it increasingly deep in the world of robotics. He also received a scholarship from the Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education to continue his education at the Sanata Dharma Polytechnic with the same majors. Agur is increasingly investigating mechanics, electronics, and informatics which is the basis for assembling robots.

Because of the technological advancements that make automation needed, Agur decided to create a robotic school, to introduce the world of robots to children from an early age, especially students from kindergarten to high school. Although robot school is not new in big cities, in Klaten the robot school is the first and only. Rotobot Robotics School in Klaten has 52 students.

This school was founded by Agur since he was still in college, precisely in June 2016. With the scholarship money he saved, Rotobot won the international robotics competition. Not only teaching at the school, at the age of 22, he also provided robotic extracurricular activities at several schools in Klaten, Solo, and Yogyakarta.

Because the market is school children, there are 5 levels that are opened. “First, the mechanics class, the most basic class is given specifically for children aged kindergarten to grade 2 elementary school. Second, basic coding, advanced classes specifically for grade 3-4 elementary school students,” said Agur.

Next he also said there is a logic coding class, the course stage for elementary school children aged 5-6. For middle school children, there is a coding class, namely a class for simple automatic robot programming. Finally, for high school students there is an outonomous class, a more complex programming class.

With the school of robots he founded, Agur hopes that young people can develop in this all-automatic era with the knowledge of the mecranics he teaches.

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