Barista with a myriad of achievements that are also a businessman Muhammad Aga

Being a professional barista saves you easy things. Need perseverance and tenacity to be proficient in the field. Apart from having to know and be able to distinguish various types of coffee, a barista must also know the senior to decorate coffee.

By accurate, it is still a step that must be pioneered slowly. This was also experienced by Muhammad Aga, a barista or coffee who has now been made for various baristas.

Through coffee, Aga met with Cindy and Rendy, who has now become a business partner, founded a coffee shop called ‘SMITH’. SMITH Coffee Shop (Shot Me in The Head) located in Duren Tiga, South Jakarta.

Not only did he succeed through his own coffee shop, but he was also appointed to be one of the actors in the big screen film ‘Filosofi Kopi’ with Chicco Jerikho and Rio Dewanto. Including remaining a barista, Aga’s current activities are as a trainer for coffee stylists and baristas.

He also made achievements for the sake of achievement. In his career as a barista for almost 9 years, he managed to win several competitions, ranging from barista competitions, beer competitions, to latte art competitions.

After a long journey, Aga finally got to an international competition, the World Barista Championship, which was held last June in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

“The hardest time was the preparation. Luckily, before I became a volunteer on the WBC in Korea. Well, there can see anything. Finally, I chatted with some baristas who took part in the contest at that time, given some tips, and I am arbitrary to participate in competitions, eventually winning at the national level, then competing at the world level,” explained Aga.

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