Millennial Business Distro Clothing From Eastern Indonesia

Muhammad Yusran Hadysurya built an online store with the Brand of Five Distros with four of his colleagues. Five Distro Online was established from 2012. Yusran who studied in Bandung conducted a market survey to establish cooperation with a clothing line that produces quality distribution products.

Over time, online product orders began to increase until they were overwhelmed by orders from various regions in Indonesia, especially from South Sulawesi. Seeing the considerable market enthusiasm, on 2013 Yusran began the initiative to open an offline distro shop as well as the Five Distro Official Store in Parepare City.

Currently this distribution business is increasingly popular among Parepare teenagers and its surroundings with original, high-quality distro shops and of course relatively cheap prices. “Even just two years later, we re-opened a branch of an offline distribution store in Mamuju City, West Sulawesi on the exact date on January 1, 2015. And Alhamdulillah, the consumer response was extraordinary,” Yusran explained.

It’s priced at prices ranging from Rp. 80,000 to Rp. 220,000.00, and has dozens of workers with a monthly turnover of all of its outlets around hundreds of millions of rupiah.

“Alhamdulillah, the level of sales is increasing every day. Likewise consumers are increasing and giving us confidence in the sale of quality and original distribution products, “he said.

The fashion business competition which is often unavoidable makes Yusran and his colleagues demanded to be more creative and innovative in creating a plus on their products. In the future this young entrepreneur hopes to increase consumer interest to continue to use domestic products while maintaining the quality of the products being marketed.

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