The Story of Successful Entrepreneurs and Being the Richest Woman in Indonesia

Forbes has just released a list of the 50 richest people in Indonesia in 2018. There are two female figures on the list, namely Arini Subianto ranked 44 and Kartini Muljadi ranked 49.

Practically, Arini can be called the richest woman in Indonesia with total net assets of US $ 665 million, equivalent to Rp. 9.6 trillion. Arini gets most of his wealth from palm oil and coal processing businesses.

Arini is the eldest daughter of the late Benny Subianto who was also one of the big entrepreneurs in Indonesia. This woman also served in a family-owned holding company, Persada Capital Investama. Persada has an 11% stake in a giant coal company, Adaro Energy and Arini also sit as commissioners at Adaro.

In addition, Arini is also known to be very fond of reading books and writing in daily journals. She and her colleague Winfred Hutabarat set up a bookstore. The bookstore is named Aksara and not only sells books, but also sells CDs and various knick-knacks.

PT Persada, led by Arini, also has investments in wood processing, rubber processing, property, hospitality, and health. Although she is now famous and dubbed the richest woman in Indonesia, the story of Arini’s life is not without struggle. She had to accept the bitter reality of his life several times.

In 2012, her husband, Andre Mamuaya died in an accident. Andre drove a Ducati motor sport at a fairly high speed and hit a Toyota Innova car. Andre’s life was helpless. At that time, Andre served as director of PT Adaro Energy.

Arini tries to look after and raise her two children as single-mom. It is not an easy thing for Arini to maintain the growth and development of children without a father figure. She also received a lot of support from his father, Benny Subianto, who was still alive. Arini’s two brothers-in-law also often helped her fill in the male role model for her two children.

The death of the husband made Arini’s mind change. In the past, She almost always refused to get involved in the world of family business. Then Arini thought, what should be done if one of his family does not exist.

Since 2012 Arini began studying family business affairs. In 2017, after his father, Benny Subianto died, Arini took over the family-owned company. Although busy working, Arini always divides her time with her children.

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