Success Story Maya Estianti as a Face Care Businessman.

Maia Estianty is now more active as a businessman than a musician. The wife of Irwan Mussry is known to have a face care product business that could be considered successful. Of course this success can not be separated from branding and marketing strategies. As a graduate of Communication Studies, he also has his own way. Like what?

Bringing the EMK beauty brand, Maia, admitted that her selling products were quite in demand from the start. Maia claimed to start her business with a capital of $ 10 thousand (Rp. 100 million) in 2015. And in the first six months, she was able to re-order products for Rp. 3 billion. Until now, the brand was still in demand. This is inseparable from the branding strategy that it supports itself.

She became her own brand ambassador and ran her own marketing. Because she sells on Instagram by building images on how not to be bad. For example when there is bad news, we release it again with more controversial news but in a good sense.

Another thing that makes his business more successful is the selection of social media as a forum for promotion and selling. Maia chose Instagram because it was considered effective and right for customers who were mostly women. This 42-year-old woman also uses artist friends to be ‘endorsed’. Likewise with himself as a testimony.

Maia is a graduate of the University of Indonesia Communication Science. When becoming a guest lecturer in the Leadership and Group Development course led by lecturer Shahandra Hanityo, S.IP, M.Sc, the mother of three children revealed a lot of her experiences about branding. He also did not hesitate to share career advice for the 2016 class students.

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